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Kaliya Restaurant

Nowadays, Kaliya represents this beauty by standing in of the highest points of Fira.
At the top of the world-known Caldera and overlooking the Aegean sea, this 1950’s-era building offers one of the most idyllic settings in the island of Santorini.


Kaliya Santorini





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Web Design

The suffix -ya in Japanese when added to a noun means “the place where one can find what they have been seeking”. In Greek “Ya su” is the most common way to greet someone. The prefix Kali- is a tribute to kallos, the virtue that once gave name to Santorini. According to local history, the island was once known as Kalliste- “the most beautiful one”.

Kaliya has established its own style to offer a unique combination of hospitality and aesthetics to our guests. Their philosophy lies in putting together the island’s ultimate finesse and our relaxing atmosphere. By blending unforgettable sunsets, the famous Caldera and the view to infinity, Kaliya offers an unforgettable uplifting experience. The orange-blue coloured sky surrounds beautifully the natural scenery which you can contemplate from our infamous terrace or their internal dining room.

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